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Kristen W

Hi Maya!

I’m so happy you decided to join us for the PPSC! And it’s always awesome to hear from long-time blog readers. 🙂

As I was reading through your question about Secondary Profiles, I felt like you might have answered your own question when you said: “I’m wondering if I’m a true Thriver or if I’m just retaliating because commuting in LA sucks and I wished I could come in the office later in the morning.”

It sounds to me like your attraction to the Thriver profile is coming more from a place of exhaustion and near-burnout with your commute vs. genuine resonance. I’ve occasionally seen people get a “false positive” Thriver result when they’re burnt out with working (or some aspect of their work), not because it’s really who they are at their core but because they just need a freaking break. My gut tells me that might be what’s going on for you here, too.

Also, keep in mind that the Thriver profile also has some overlap with both of your other profiles, especially Tribe Member. Both Thrivers and Tribe Members are often social creatures who particularly love a fun, enjoyable, positive, family-feel work environment. So part of your attraction to the Thriver profile might be the parts of it that overlap with Tribe Member. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I get the sense that if you had a shorter commute and didn’t have to go in to the office so early, you wouldn’t even be questioning whether you’re part-Thriver or not, because it wouldn’t be super relevant. But from what you described, I sense that you truly might have some Side Hustler going on as a secondary profile. So it will be important as you’re considering your next career steps to keep your Side Hustler in mind so you don’t get bored by a job with too little stimulation and variety.

Hope that helps! And I’m SO happy to hear that this course was so helpful to you. That means the world to Rachel and me!