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Hi Krachel!
I’ve been following your blog for three years now and I finally took the leap and enrolled in the PPSC course! (YAY!)
I’m nearing the end of the program but got stuck on secondary profiles. I know you all said that you can’t be three but I feel torn between Tribe Memeber, Thriver, and Side Hutsler!
I would say Tribe Memeber is definitely my primary profile. I’m a huge people person and my Meyer’s Brigg is ESFP aka “The Entertainer” lol. I love connectig with others and having an “audience” so to speak.
Where I really get stuck is between side hustler and thriver.
Recently I left my 40 hr/week job where I was leading workshops to help high shcool girls build confidence. I loved the mission and company (hence my Tribe Memberness) but ultimately I think the distance and early hours eventually wore me out. (It was a standard 9-6 but i am NOT a morning person. I also live in Los Angeles where traffic is a 24/7 thing, so having to travel 45 mins one way to an office 5 days a week eventually killed my soul). Recently, I’m relishing in my free time but know that I have to get back to work soon. I guess I’m wondering if I’m a true Thriver or if I’m just retaliating because commuting in LA sucks and I wished I could come in the office later in the morning.
I also feel like a Side Hustler because the thought of having one career until I retire stressses me out! I do get bored easily but I’m afraid constant job-hopping looks bad and will leave me financially insecure when I’m older. I do want to retire early though (45!) so I can enjoy the rest of my life doing what I want to do as opposed to trading my time in for other’s profit.

So, am I more of a slight Thriver or slight Side Hustler?
Please help!

P.S. This course is life-changing! Thank you so much for following your fire 😉 and making a difference in people’s lives.