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Rachel E

Gey Gillian!

Glad that made sense. As far as moving forward, I think it’s always easiest to start where with where you are. So, what shifts would need to happen in your current environment to help you feel more of those Firestarter values? Clearly the Thriver values are mostly getting met (but don’t assume that fully! There may be some aspects of that that could be better, too). There could be some changes that are within your capacity to make — or within your ability to ask for — that might allow for more flexibility, autonomy, creativity, or freedom (or any of the other traditional Firestarter values). But a lot of the time we assume things “are how they are,” and don’t bother trying to make any changes. It can be an interesting thought experiment to throw out old assumptions (even just hypothetically) to allow yourself to chew on the situation from a different perspective. Let me know how it goes! 🙂