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Rachel E

Hey Gillian!

So here’s my take — I doubt that your Profile has actually changed as much as you think it has. It’s probably more so that you always had latent Firestarter tendencies, and now they’re just rising to the surface. I would say that Passion Profiles don’t necessarily do 180s; but that in different times of our lives we have different needs, so one or the other (if we have two Profiles) will become more relevant depending on the situation.

I’m also a Firestarter/Thriver combo. And at first when I took the quiz I always got Firestarter. Now I get Thriver! It’s not that I changed a huge amount; it’s just that as time went on I started to value stability and ease and fun a lot more than starting a revolution and taking a ton of risks.

It’s pretty common for someone to get the result that they feel is LACKING in their lives. So if your situation is causing you to crave freedom and autonomy to a higher degree than you have before, it would make sense why you’d get Firestarter as a result. You tend to pay the most attention to the needs that aren’t getting met, and therefore have a stronger desire around fulfilling them. It’s not that you don’t care about being a Thriver anymore; I bet that if the situation was reversed and you had a ton of time freedom and autonomy but not income stability or predictability, you’d likely end up getting Thriver again as a result, because you were craving those values you weren’t getting met anymore. Make sense?