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Gillian K

Hi Rachel and Kristen!

I’m back. Still in the same job but my role has now changed even more and I can’t get my supervisors to take my concerns seriously.

Mostly, I want to discuss the fact that I retook the Passion Profile Quiz and am now a Firestarter! I took this quiz a few times previously and always got Thriver which I thought fit me well because I love stability. I reread my notes from the Short Course and Firestarter did always intrigue me but I don’t feel like I have a solid enough vision to move forward.

Is it normal for someone to change profiles, especially from Thriver to Firestarter? All of the profiles complement each other, I know but this seems like a drastic change in my values. Honestly, I’m just so sick of working with people who don’t understand who I am but I don’t think I could work for myself either.

Thanks in advance!