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Kristen W

Brianne — I’m really glad that helped shift your perspective around how you view your art right now! And yes, it’s absolutely OK to not try to pursue it right now, and instead give yourself permission to work on your art when and how you feel like it.

I love the way you were asking yourself those discovery-type questions about what you’re interested in/curious about right now and what it’s so intriguing to you. In fact, it would be a great idea for you to do some stream-of-consciousness journaling about that where you keep asking yourself those kinds of questions and writing down your responses — just whatever comes to mind in the moment. It could be very revealing!

Oh and yes, you can absolutely get a recording of our virtual workshop from yesterday. In fact, I’ll post a link to the replay here so anyone else in this program can watch it too, if they missed it. Note: this recording will expire after Friday, Feb. 2nd. So definitely make time to watch it in the next few days!

Here’s the replay link:

And yes, you have forever access to the PPSC, so you can keep coming back to this course as often as you want. There’s no expiration date!

Have a great week!