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Heyy Kristen!!

Yayyyyyy!!! I am sooo excited and was glad to join you guys for the PPVE!! =D (Hope I have an opportunity for the 1-1 session too that would be so cool!) I am so relieved that these questions will be addressed in the PPVE! That makes me soo happy!

You have helped me with putting some good perspective on how I view my art… And that it’s totally acceptable and okay to not pursue art right now… I look at what I’m able to do with it (and I think I’m good at it, which is why I’ve struggled with it, over the years…) then, I thought, well, maybe I’m meant to pursue it in another way, shape or form… just not now 🙂 Everything in Divine Timing I like to say 🙂 So, I want to thank you soooo much!! I really hope one day I get to truly live out what I’m meant to do/be….

Okay, that’s awesome! I love being surrounded by people who are in the same boat you are! It’s so motivating! Oh okay, yeah those do sound like great ideas?? Thanks! =D I will definitely look into that… I guess I should start by asking… okay, what intrigues me right now? (Lol, literally and I can tell you right now – it’s Numerology/Soulwork) And then sit down with myself, honestly ask, why? And start there… Oh, wow really? That’s cool! Do you mind if I ask, what else intrigues you about Spirituality? 🙂 You know what else I was going to do (but it costs a fortune? 🙁 )? I was going to do a Spiritual Evolvement Course and Meditation Retreat… I really feel like being in the Environment could inspire me and I could learn so much?? For me, I need to literally be with like-minded people and experiment in order to feel motivated and excited!! 🙂

Yeah, and I hear you there… Just, when I am faced with the question of what my natural interests are, I sometimes don’t know how to answer that question because of all these beliefs (either unconsciously or subconsciously)… I know right now, it’s Spirituality, but I don’t want to soul-search alone (because, in my household situation/personal life – I do feel alone in this).

Yes – I cannot wait to dive into the PPVE!!! =D

By the way, I meant to ask – Is there any way I could get a replay of the Workshop y’all had today at 1pm? Or did you have to register in order to get it? I don’t remember… lol. Also, will I have forever access to the login of the PPSC? Or do you guys end that at a certain time?

Talk soon!