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Kristen W

Hey Jeanie!

I love that your Firestarter profile resonated so instantly and deeply for you! That’s awesome. And you’re right, the “Thriver” part of you might be authentic OR you might be feeling that way because you’re burnt out after spending YEARS working in a job that doesn’t align with your Profile. Once you change your situation, it’ll be easier to tell which is true.

It’s SO normal to numb out after years of feeling “off” or discouraged, so you’re definitely not alone in that. And once you’ve gone numb, it’s tough to dig down and examine how you’re feeling and what you value. But I’m so glad you’re doing it anyway! It’s almost like working out a muscle that hasn’t been used in a while — you still have the capability, but it’s going to require more consistent practice. And it might feel worse before it feels better, which was part of the message in this week’s blog that you referenced. But it’s SO much better on the other side of toleration and stagnation! I can tell you’re right on the cusp of making some big changes, but you might need some clarity and courage and a big push to get there.

I was actually going to mention our upcoming Virtual Experience to you, based on how you were describing your current challenge, and then I saw that you’re already excited to sign up later this month, so that’s awesome! I really think that’s going to help you springboard into the Firestarter lifestyle you’re so craving. Can’t wait to see you in the next course! Now that you’ve gone through this Short Course, you’re going to be even more ready to dive into the Virtual Experience, where we’ll explore WHAT you’re passionate about and what to do next. Can’t wait to get started in a few weeks! 🙂