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Jeanie T

Hi Kristen and Rachel

Thank you for this work that you’re doing! It is inspiring and eye opening!

Reading my Fire Starter profile was like BAM! YES! this is me. I may also be a Thriver.. Or could just be burned out from working for a company for 9 years!! Yes 9 YEARS.

I have been “numbed out” for so long AND a people pleaser, it was really hard to dig up, uncover, any resemblance of my actual values and possible passions, in fact I had to remember that I was a Fire Starter essentially and what I think, lol. The other piece of my story is that I have a need for health insurance and I let limiting beliefs about that stop me from pursuing another line of work as well as what you mention in your recent blog post “The Danger of living a life that’s OK but not Great” that, “without any sort of big incentive to change, you can find yourself stuck in a no man’s land — where life isn’t getting worse, but it’s not getting any better either”.

The up and down side is that I am now super uncomfortable at work (was a bit uncomfortable and that’s why I found you ladies) and I keep finding other things (working to uncover what it is exactly that I can do that would really fit me) to do during me work day besides work… I am going to adjust my work day to 9-5 and ask to work from home a day a week.

So needless to say I am super excited about your Virtual Course and have been waiting for you to start the sign up! So glad the open enrollment date has been announced!

Really Grateful,