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Kristen W

Hi Christian! I love that you’re having lightbulb moments all over the place. 🙂 It’s smart of you to keep coming back to the content each week to stay inspired and remember what’s most important to you. It’s awesome that you’re doing that!

You’ve obviously gotten extremely clear about your top values in a workplace (flexibility being #1!), which is HUGE. You’re right, it’s an entirely different way of career planning that most people never understand. But now that you’re thinking more about the values you want to find in a great workplace, it’s going to be MUCH easier to recognize the right environment when you find it.

I’m really glad you took to heart our suggestion of looking for people whose work lives you admire. There’s so much valuable info in paying attention to who you admire/are jealous of! It leads you straight into the heart of your desires. So if you really admire Kelsey and her pieced-together working life (it sounds like she’s done an awesome job of seamlessly integrating her work with the rest of her life!), then clearly you want some version of what she has. The next step is giving yourself permission to desire that, even if it’s seemingly not “normal” or conventional. You’re allowed to fund your life in any way that feels good to you, so give yourself full permission to explore whatever career options sound fun, flexible, and particularly interesting.

Thank you so much for sharing your many shifts and “ah-ha” moments! You’ve clearly learned tons about yourself and what you want, and you’re absolutely on the right track to finding a job (or maybe a collection of jobs, like Kelsey) that align with your values.