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Christian V

Lightbulbs, left and right! So glad I have put in the time for this course. Listening to the content, and coming back to it once a week, have really helped to keep me inspired (and consistent).

My most recent “aha!” moment came from your, “Look at your boss, if you don’t want her job, or anyone else’s job in your company… maybe it’s time to go.”

As a Thriver (and #2 Tribemember), there are very few people whose “work lives” I’ve admired. I usually take a look at various job descriptions and think, that would be cool to get involved in, without considering the values of the job. Not in government contracting, not in a small business, not in a massive company, not even in a medium-ish company have I ever looked up to someone and said, that’s what I want my work-life balance to look like.

This is a whole new method of career planning that I never considered!

When I think about it in this light, “What does my work life look like in 10 years?”, the only people whose work lives I admire are: my wedding caterer, my interior design color expert, my personal stylist, and the happiest girl I know: Kelsey.

Kelsey is not a professional anything. She pet-sits, house-sits for various people in the wealthy neighborhood, makes artistically-designed plantings for flowerpots, and is the favorite shampoo girl at our hair salon because she is an incredible (but not-professional) masseuse, The rest of her time is spent biking, doing yoga, and leading her youth group. Any job where you drop everything, show up, and focus really hard work for a few days on a project for one client instead of a group, and then move on to the next project sounds AMAZING to me.

From here on out, I’ll only be looking for jobs that center around my own hard work and flexibility!