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Anna E

Yay Kristen,
I was hoping for a seed to be planted (yippee!), it is what I thought of when going through PPSC about how it would help with communication in relationships – coworkers, spouses, friends, family, etc. Looking forward to what you all come up with! Part of the reason for that is having been miserable in my job the past few years but having enjoyed it prior to then, the way the miserableness showed itself was through struggling with communication and not sure how it all ties together yet. I think I knew what I wanted before I had my son and then afterward I have struggled with that since. And maybe that lack of clarity was affecting my communication?!? Just thinking while typing.
Interesting idea about using descriptive words to define what certain values mean to you. In the desire map, you come up with words for each area of your life and although I haven’t done that in detail, I have done it in general – i.e., how do you want to feel? So it would be tying those values to how you want to feel – and then maybe the application of that value in each area of your life might look different, but the root value is the same… hmmm…. I can see this as a visual map… this is good stuff! I am going to try it now and see what happens.
I just wanted to let you all know that I appreciate your courses more than the career transition help through a well known company paid for by my company that just laid me off! I am not saying they won’t be helpful, but I really believe you all get to the root of the issues and provide a real way to pinpoint and be able to determine with clarity what we want and to describe well what that is which helps us to be able to communicate it to others.