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Kristen W

Hey Anna! I absolutely love that you and Jane have had such similar experiences with your husbands! You may have planted a seed in my mind about creating a course about communication in relationships based on Passion Profiles … you’ve got the wheels in my head turning! 😉

I’m SO happy you brought up the point about not putting people in boxes (including yourself!) based on Passion Profiles — or any other type of assessment, for that matter! This is such a hugely important point, and I’m glad you’re recognizing yourself making those assumptions. That shows me just how much self-awareness you’ve already gained. Amazing!

Great question about identifying your values. I honestly don’t believe that your values will apply to only certain areas of your life. If you value Freedom, for example, you’re going to want it in ALL areas of your life, not just your job. Yes, there might be some values that you want MORE in your career than in other areas of your life (and vice versa), but they’ll all be applicable across your entire life.

As for how to define what certain values mean to you, start by asking yourself, “How does this value make me feel?” I’ll use Freedom again, as an example. If you ask yourself, “How does freedom feel to me?”, you might answer with words like “spacious,” “expansive,” “boundless,” “energized,” and “limitless.”

Hope that helps! Thanks for sharing.