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Anna E

Seriously Jane L and Kristen W, I noticed the same thing with my hubby. I am a fire started and I am suspecting he is a thriver. I have been wanting to ask him to take the passion profile course so I could understand him better. I was just laid off of work (oil and gas industry) with a bunch of other people and I had been miserable at work for the past few years and he didn’t understand my reasons for feeling that way and it makes soon much more sense now! I think you all could create a course on communication between people with different passion profiles 🙂 Its funny because even though he hasn’t taken the test, I feel like I understand him better and I noticed that even with that, I am STILL making assumptions, like oh, he must be a thriver, therefore he doesn’t care about where we live or about buying a house at some point. And today he brought up that he wants to buy a house. I think this goes back to that concept of, even if you think you know what someone’s primary profile is, don’t put them in a box, use that as ways to become curious and open up when communicating with them to find out what they are thinking (i.e., don’t assume).

Also, I am struggling with defining the values that I think I need in my job. Is there a way to determine that they are needed in your job vs something else? Or what about a good way to determine what they mean to you? I am sure it is because I haven’t thought about it in this way before that I am stumped.