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Jane L

Hi all. I have found this course reaffirming, enlightening and pretty much wonderful. Understanding that I am Firestarter was relieving for me… I feel ok to be how I am (I thought there was something wrong me with and that I could never be happy in any job and that I was defective).

Interestingly, when I worked out my husband was a Thriver, a whole lot of things made sense to me about our relationship (I know that is totally not the point of the course). Him and I just didn’t get each other. AT ALL. I was talking to him about how stressed and anxious and sad I was about work and he was like “but just turn up and get your pay and go and don’t care about it so much. If you are sad and want to quit, just quit. you could always work at KFC – it would pay the bills” …it was causing incredible tension between us!! Of course as a firestarter I felt lonely and misunderstood 🙂 .

We just spent the last 24 hours talking to each other differently. I feel reconnected to him. He gets it, and Iknow why he thought KFC would be an ok job for someone with two degrees and he knows why I’m never satisfied and always want to change the world…. hahahahaha…awesome.