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Paul S

Hi Kristen & Rachel,
I am Paul and live in Nottingham, England (Robin Hood’s county!). I can’t remember how I discovered your PPSC course (I remember I got to it via the “passion quiz”) but I am glad I did. You are the first people I’ve known who have articulated that your passion isn’t a “job” such as photographer or doctor, it’s a set of your values. That insight makes you guys stand out as different to other “help” sites (in a good way!).

I was hesitant prior to signing up and paying my money – would the content live up to the promise? But as soon as I started the course I was glad that I did (and I’ve now finished it). You are both inspiring and I want to carry your enthusiasm and recommendations into finding a career that matches my passions, even at my 53 years old! And yes, quality over quantity in my job hunt! I am considering whether to do your advanced course…..I want to but I am also watching my money at present in case I do have to quit my job (I know your advice, but sometimes you just have to for personal reasons, after you’ve been hanging in there for too long.).

So I’ll pop back from time to time. I’ve printed off my course book and will carry it with me so I can remind myself of who I am and what I value and what sucks for me (A Thriver, with some side-hustler too).

By the way – I tried to sign into the WordPress place to upload a photo…but it didn’t recognise my username (email) and password from this site so I am not sure now how to upload a photo. Any ideas?

Kind Regards