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Kristen W

Hey Lindsey! First of all, I’m really glad that you’re pacing yourself through this course. Some people may like to push through it all in one sitting (and that’s perfectly fine!), but I’m with you — I like to make my way slowly through things like this to give it time to settle into me.

Also, I want you to know how incredibly NORMAL it is to feel stumped by these kinds of questions. The vast majority of people are not used to this level of introspection and deep questioning … and why would they be? Daily life doesn’t call for you to think and talk so deeply about yourself! In fact, most of us are taught that spending time just focused on ourselves is “selfish,” so it’s no wonder you’re out of practice doing it. I love, love, love that your New Year’s Resolution was to be more selfish and take more time for yourself (I totally want to redefine the word “selfish” because it’s gotten a bad rap!). You’re right, taking a course like this is absolutely a solid step in the right direction because it’s asking you to look more deeply into yourself than you’re used to doing. Just make sure that in those moments when you’re drawing a blank on how to answer a question, you don’t hate on yourself or feel down — instead, remind yourself that you’re actively doing the inner work that most people never prioritize. Plus, you’re flexing a muscle that hasn’t had a lot of exercise in a while! It just needs a bit of practice to warm up.

Most people never even take the kind of proactive steps you’ve already taken, so you’re SO far ahead of the game. 🙂