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Kristen W

Hi Shannon! Thanks for introducing yourself and sharing a little about your work situation. Although it’s really frustrating, it’s also completely normal to feel like you’re moving from job to job, trying to find a place where you fit and you’re happy, but someone each place feels like it’s falling short. I hear that same sentiment from a lot of people, actually! And it’s not because there aren’t great jobs and awesome work environments out there … it’s just because most people haven’t learned how to search and apply to jobs based on their deeper, underlying values (it’s definitely not something you’re taught in high school or college!). That’s actually a huge part of why we created the PPSC — to help people get more clear on their Passion Profile (as in, HOW they want their work and their passion to overlap), their values, and what they’re most looking for in a work environment. So hopefully, with everything you’re learning about yourself here in the PPSC, you’ll know how to go about finding a working environment that suits your Thriver values! Thanks again for stopping in to say “hi,” and let us know how the rest of the PPSC goes for you!