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Shannon H

Hi! I’m Shannon and I am currently working through the videos in your short course. I’m really enjoying what I’m learning. I stumbled upon Clarity on Fire a few months ago when I was having some doubts about my career and just life choices I’ve made in general. I took the quiz and got the result of Thriver. I couldn’t agree more with the description. It describes me very well. So now, fast forward a few months later, I got a new job (I’m a graphic designer at a sign company) and I’m still not happy at work. I don’t feel like I work for a supportive manager and there is a huge lack of communication in my workplace. It’s really hard for me to go in to work every day. I have had lots of jobs in my search for the right fit and have felt very discouraged. And, I didn’t forget about the Clarity on Fire quiz I took a few months back, and decided to check out your course. So, now, here I am, trying to find some advice on how to go about finding the right fit for me, as a Thriver. Going through the videos so far has given me hope that maybe I won’t be miserable at work when I learn enough about myself to find the right fit.