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Kristen W

Kellie, I can’t tell you how happy it made me to read your comment! The massive relief you feel when you realize that you have total permission to be who you are and want what you want — well, that’s the entire reason we came up with Passion Profiles (and really, Clarity on Fire) in the first place.

You’re 100% NOT crazy for feeling resentful of the idea of picking just ONE thing to build a career around, and in fact, a solid 1/4 (or more) of the population are Side Hustlers. So you’re in good company! If you want to piece together a career from a combination of part-time jobs and side creative ventures, that’s just as legitimate of a career as any other, no matter what anyone else says. There’s absolutely no “right way” to work. Any way that you choose to fund your life that makes you happy and fulfilled is valid!

I really appreciate you sharing this with us!