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Kristen W

Kellie — I’m so happy you decided to join us for the PPSC after considering it for the past few months! And you seem to have perfectly honed in on your particular Passion Profile combo, which is awesome.

Being both a Side Hustler AND an introvert is absolutely a valid (and more common than you probably think!) combination, but it’s going to require you to get even more in-tune with your natural energy rhythms and your threshold for overwhelm/burnout. I would encourage you to get extremely sensitive to how much activity/focus/action you can exert in a given day, or how many projects you can juggle at once, before it tips the balance into overwhelm. I’m certain you have a “sweet spot” of how much multi-focused, energizing, Side-Hustler activity you can embody before your introverted desires kick in and ask you to slowwwww it down. (As a fellow introvert, I totally understand the challenge of this balancing act!)

I also want to seriously congratulate you for making money through all of your side creative/artistic passions over this past year — that’s incredible! And it’s got to feel validating that your creativity is not just a fun, fulfilling outlet … it’s profitable! Seems like you’ve already gained so much clarity about how to combine your many passions and interests in a way that feels good to you and ensures you won’t get bored/frustrated by doing the same thing day-in and day-out.

Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself and the insight you’ve gained so far from the PPSC! I hope you’ll keep us updated about how things are going for you. 🙂