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Kellie F

Hi! I’m Kellie, a 27-year-old Side Hustler with some definite Firestarter values around time and passion. I had a bit of a hard time narrowing in on my passion profile because I’m NOT an extrovert nor an energizer bunny. My multiple passions are mostly solitary and reserved. However, I 100% resonate with not wanting to choose just one thing, and I’ve been that way my whole life. For example, I completed two majors and a separate minor in college. What the heck! I’ve always called myself a Jill of All Trades 🙂 I’ve also struggled deeply with burnout and overwhelm. I’ve just completed my first year in a helping profession, which has been a terrible fit for me. However, this course has confirmed what I was already thinking: I could get some stability and fulfillment out of it doing it part time.

My passion projects are multiple forms of artistic self-expression–and I’ve been paid for pretty much all of them on the side in the past year! I’ve thought about starting a creative business, but it would definitely have to include multiple things. I can’t possibly choose just one! I desire to be paid for my passion, but I don’t mind having a little stability in there somewhere so that I can dabble and focus on quality in my artistic expression.

I had been thinking about signing up for this course for months, knowing I needed to make a change. I wanted to gain insight into myself and formulate a solid plan for my next steps. So far, so good! The workbook is genius. I love the emphasis on reframing and taking action.