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Rachel E

Hello Mr. Content/Complacent! 🙂

We’re so glad you’re learning a lot about yourself! And from reading this note, it’s clear to me you have a lot of insight about what does and doesn’t work for you. But it’s sometimes hard for us to see it, so allow me to point it out for you!

First of all, it’s definitely not a bad thing to not want to move up or climb the ladder! In fact, that’s a very normal Thriver desire. And keep in mind, climbing the ladder does NOT necessarily mean “growth.” Growing has to be on YOUR terms, first and foremost. One person’s definition of growth is another’s definition of stagnation! Climbing the ladder may very well feel like dying to you, and that would be totally fair.

YOU get to decide to growth means for you. And for Thrivers, growth happens very frequently outside of their career. The job provides for the rest of their life, and they pursue things outside of work that fulfill them, stretch them, and make them feel like they’re growing!

I also want to point out that you said, “I don’t know if it’s nostalgia or if I did get my job role right at the beginning…” It seems to me that there’s a very strong correlation between when you were happy at work and when you had connection and an enjoyable team environment. Inversely, you seem way less contented when you’re lonely–a word you used multiple times in one paragraph! So, I think your next job should be less about what you do, and more about finding a situation that fosters connection and dispels loneliness. 🙂