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I am currently taking the short course (almost finished) and I have learned so much about myself. I cannot wait to finish and eventually start my journey.

I am a Thriver. I was mesmerized at how this job type resonated with me. In the section “When it’s time for a new career”, it was mentioned that you are either growing or dying. I had a question regarding that.

First a little background: My first job was at a large biotechnology company, I worked with a team making pharmaceuticals. We were close, got stuff done and work felt like it was hanging out with friends. It had its ups and downs but I felt like I could do this forever. Unfortunately, there were serious layoffs and I went to another biotech company in the same job role. The new place had its issues but I felt the same way as the first company. There were layoffs there and off to my third biotech. Biotech #3 had a lot of stability, I was there for 10 years. The beginning was like the first two, in a team with great people getting things done. I was passionate, happy and it felt like there were plenty of opportunities. Then I progressed to a leadership role and lastly a technical support role. I did it to climb the ladder and the pay didn’t hurt either. Then I hit a wall. My job roles leading the team and being an individual contributor felt very lonely. I was unhappy, stressed and felt un-fulfilled. It also felt like I was too tied to my job (I was on call as well). Couple that with a change in culture and I left. I am trying a new industry and after starting the course realize that it is not for me. It is a technical job where you are on your own fixing and maintaining equipment. I like the physical work but it is very lonely and I always feel like I have to be connected to support customer issues. I started the course because I feel lost and realize I needed to find out more about myself. I also don’t want to leave and intend to give the job more time.

I don’t know if it is nostalgia or if I did get my job role right at the beginning of my career but those times when I was on a team were when I was happiest and most passionate. It feels like I cannot recreate those happy feelings of when I was on a team.

To bring it back to the question about growing or dying, if there is a job, it pays enough and I’m happy, is it a bad thing if I don’t want to move up or climb the ladder?

Thank you for your insight and a great course.

Mr. Content or Complacent