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I’ve taken the short course and watched the videos, many of them a few times, and I still feel utterly lost.. I’m a Firestarter (Fireheart), with a Thriver secondary profile. The idea of working 40 hours a week is exhausting and the mere thought of someone else dictating my PTO/Sick days makes me furious. But, every time I try to think of a field or business to start and to jump into, nothing feels, “like me.” I have an diverse background, I’m 30 now, with a B.S. in psychology, worked as a support counselor, banking, personal training, and 2 office customer service jobs. I feel so drained each and every day and have no energy. I’ve taken so many courses to explore careers, quizzes, read articles..and I feel like I’m going in circles. Going to back to school to fork up more money is not in my view as I feel the states schooling system is broke and overly priced. I’m already struggling to make ends meet with a $500 month health insurance premium..and no savings… so spending extra money really isn’t an option for me.

So I try to look inside, and ask myself, ” When did I abandon my heart?” And I honestly can’t even remember when I felt alive and passionate about working. What else can I do? Where do I go from here?

Struggling and Stumped