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Rachel E

Hi Anthony,

We’re glad to hear that learning more about your Passion Profiles is helping you contemplate making such a big career change!

So, we’ve never definitively given people advice about roles/industries that suit their Passion Profile(s), and for good reason–We don’t want to limit peoples’ options or imagination. Yes, there are certain jobs that you might (as a Thriver/Side Hustler) find off-putting. I imagine there were aspects of B2B sales/consulting that just didn’t align with you, given how Firestarter-y a job like that can be, for example. But the thing is, what’s a dealbreaker for one person may not be a dealbreaker for another. Also, any list of ours is naturally going to be quite limited, because we don’t *know* all of the industries and jobs that are possible. Not even close! And often for Thrivers, it’s not even *about* the job or industry in the first place. It’s more about the work environment and lifestyle it affords, and you can find good and bad environments in any industry or company.

What you *can* do, however, is share your ideas with us about things you’re exploring/thinking about, and why you think it might or might not align with you, as a Thriver/Side Hustler, and we can weigh in. 🙂