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Hi Kristen and Rachel,

I have been listening to your podcasts and utilizing this course for the past few months, and I appreciate that your approach to passion involves shifting paradigms! Rather than viewing passion through the lens of the content, zooming out the lens on the context in which you express your passions, values, and desires, is a different approach. Currently, I find myself at another standstill in my career. I am working to break old patterns that don’t serve me in the realm of my career and personal life, but I’m having trouble deciding when to stop or go.

I listened to your podcast about bridge jobs, and it resonated with me as I tend to land jobs that are highly competitive, highly demanding, and where I feel like others are dictating my potential. I have entertained the idea of a bridge job for a while as I am tired of ending up in a similar place each time, and feel that in this job, I don’t have the time and mental energy to do the right type of research and mindfulness practices that I know will get me to a more fulfilling and sustainable place in the future.

My fears around a bridge job are feeling like I have regressed in my career, not earning a comparable income to my current role, and finding opportunities that serve my needs in the short term. Do you have any advice on managing the anxieties around a transition to a bridge job, as well as effective ways to then utilize my time to determine the next step towards a career I am excited about?

Thank you for all of the resources you provide, they have been incredibly helpful to me!