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Rachel E

Hi JoAnn,

We have a process in the PPVE (which is the same core content we use with our 1:1 coaching clients) that walks you through defining, narrowing down, and exploring your career options in a way that aligns with your values. As you’ve discovered in the PPSC, getting clear on your Passion Profile can be helpful, but often the work doesn’t stop there, because there is usually a lot more refining and deeper work to be done. That’s the work we do in the PPVE, as a group, and in 1:1 coaching in an individual way. If I were you, I’d consider starting with the PPVE, since it’s a much more affordable option than 1:1 coaching, and you get to experience the same core content and work on defining your values and getting clear on your options.

That said, I do want to touch on what you said at the end of your post: “I guess I am looking for an answer as to what I should do.” You probably already know this, but I wouldn’t be a good coach if I didn’t say that coaching (be it in one of our courses or 1:1!) is not ultimately about us doling out answers. It’s about us guiding you through a process that can help clarify what’s been keeping you blocked or stuck; as well as clarifying what you value and how to go about searching for paths that will align with those values. But there usually isn’t a “right” answer as to what anyone should or shouldn’t do. Coaching is far more about helping you become a clear, confident, capable person, so that you feel good about venturing into the unknown and exploring your options and allowing life to unfold in ways you couldn’t predict (and not getting anxious or bent out of shape about that unpredictability). So if that sounds good, then the PPVE will resonate a lot with you!