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Kristen W

Hi JoAnn,

I moved your comments to this topic, instead of keeping them as their own separate topics, so the forum wouldn’t get too crowded or confusing! 🙂

Thanks for that nice feedback about our podcast! You’re right that all of our podcast episodes aren’t on YouTube, but yes, you can find ALL of them multiple places, including here on Apple Podcasts or here on PlayerFM.

As to your question about your current job, it makes sense that you’re confused and frustrated by the fact that your job “should” be a good fit for you, based on your values, but clearly isn’t because you’re bored most of the time. And it’s even harder when you see other people enjoying the job, which can make you feel like, “What’s wrong with me for being so bored??” But it’s perfectly normal for a job to be ideal for one person, and seriously lacking to the next person. There’s nothing at all wrong with you for not liking this job, and I don’t think the answer is to try to force yourself to enjoy it.

Instead, I’m wondering if you might need to add a new value to your list — something along the lines of “growth” or “stimulation” or “variety” or “excitement” or “passionate.” Clearly you value being engaged in your work, and that’s the big missing piece with your current role. And knowing that can help you look for a new role that intrinsically interests and motivates you.

Hope that helps!