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Rachel E

Hey JoAnn,

It’s understandable that you’re frustrated! Anyone in your shoes would feel the same. And, I’m going to give you the difficult, tough-love answer, because honestly there is no easy answer to this question (and you’re not alone; many people can relate to how you’re feeling). My take is this–The perfect job is likely not going to solve all of your problems. Figuring out what to do next is an important step, and I’m definitely not saying you should give up and just accept the reality of a job you don’t like. AND, I suspect that there’s a lot of deeper, inner work that needs to be done. Sometimes we think a job is going to make us happy, but if we haven’t done the inner work–confronting our deep fears, letting go of old beliefs, clarifying our values, and basically figuring out who we are on a profound level–then getting that job isn’t going to feel very satisfying, because we first have to be ABLE to feel satisfied, as a person. We have to have the ability to access deep, profound feelings like fulfillment, acceptance, joy, ease, contentment in order to be a match to a job (or any circumstance) that’s really fulfilling and joyful.

The PPSC is a great place to start! But it’s not meant to be the place where we do that deeper work. That’s what coaching is for, but it’s also what the PPVE is for. It might be a great thing for you to consider doing, since it’s coming up later this month and because it’s the very last time we’ll ever be doing it. 🙂