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Hi Kristen and Rachel,
I took the passion profile quiz a while back and just again recently and both times it cme up that I am a Thriver which I totally agree with. I tried going into a field that I was (and still am)passionate about but it didn’t work out. So I went in a different direction and decided just to keep it as my hobby even though I am still passionate about it. I keep trying to find the perfect job and I thought I had found it, but once I got it I no longer liked it and I want to find something else but I don’t know what that is. I am working on PPSC and I am at a loss with some of it on how to answer some of the questions and I still don’t have a clue or direction as to what to do. What is the next thing to do? I have been listening to alot of your podcasts and I can relate to alot of them and it helps me think about things. But everyday that I go to work I am constantly trying to figure out what else I can do and it is making me crazy.

Jo Ann