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Hello Ladies,

I cannot express my gratitude enough for creating this course. It has helped me more then my therapy did in finding career direction (which I now understand I needed coaching, not therapy).

When I first took the PP quiz in 2015, I scored as a Thriver which I did identify with. Hindsight, I realized I was at a very vulnerable place professionally so I did place high value on security. I found a “stable”, “secure”, and “comfortable” job, but in my gut I KNEW it was the wrong fit for me. I kept telling myself it will get better and that it was too “risky” to find another job because my benefits are near perfect at this job and I am able to provide for myself financially. But I am suffering internally and really growing resentful and unhappy to the point where I am irritating my family and friends. So this year, I really started focusing on what I would want to do but still had no clear direction where to even start because I knew I wanted to change my career path completely but I was scared of ending up in another job I hated! Luckily I recently stumbled upon your website and quiz again and this time I scored as a Firestarter. I immediately identified with the profile and realized a lot of my needs were not being met at my current job. I felt in my gut I needed this course and here I am!! I now not only know that I defintely want to leave my current job but I now have a much more clear vision of my values, goals, and plan where to go from here! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 🙂

I do have one question where I am slightly torn. I do identify with Firestatrer, and I do have some Thriver traits but when I read Side Hustler, I really felt I identified with a lot of their traits. So now I am not sure how to decipher which is my primary and secondary of the three? A major theme in my values were independence, autonomy, freedom, creating, flexibility, balance, challenged, education, growth, knowledge, and passion in no particular order. Any advice is appreciated. 🙂