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Hi Kristen!

Thanks so much for digging into my thoughts with me and clarifying some of my concepts around the profiles. Your thoughtful responses really help. It makes a lot of sense for me to think about having a secondary Firestarter profile. I have always had entrepreneurship in the back of my mind, but haven’t been able to decide or make time to truly develop a “what” for what my own business could be, let alone get into the “how”.

I also get the “intrapraneurship” potential as a tribemember. When I have been able to lead a project, it probably has been the most fulfilling part of my work. However, this is only made difficult by the generally negative team culture and ultimately hierarchical structure, that means owning a project is subject to all the clearances and approvals above me.

Will definitely give this more thought and go on with the course with this in mind!

Thanks so much,