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Good afternoon Kristen!! 😀

Happy Sunday! Yes – all of this is very helpful!! Thank you so much!! I do have another question revolving around support positions… I think what I meant to ask, was, what kind of support roles would Thrivers enjoy (and with pay), that don’t revolve around (the stress of) leadership/management positions? I have thought about management roles before – owning my own business, which is why I majored in Business Management online, (but never finished – courses were too fast-paced)… But, the responsibility of everything else, – I imagine there probably is a whole lot that goes into Business Management/Owning your own business/Leading a group… But, how do I know if I would feel that “exciting drive/positive motivation” despite those pressures… or resent it? I know there is no such thing as “that perfect job, there is going to be some level of stress – but i’m talking about the type of stress that won’t leave you feeling depressed, out of place, angry (unhealthy, basically lol).
According to my full name – I am a number 9 in Numerology, which means Humanitarianism, and serving and uplifting others… Again, though, rises my concerns… :/ (I don’t mean to boast, – mind if I share a cool piece of info?) – “According to Numerology, People with the 9 energy’s purpose is for the greatest good of all. They have a protective energy and they have a great power and love in their soul. They are aware that they have come with a mission that adheres to the principle of Universal Love and compassion. They will grow and learn throughout their lifetime tolerance, compassion, selflessness and generosity. There is a great strength of character within the 9 person, as well as wisdom, intuition and high idealism (My name actually has those strengths attached to it :). There is also a great deal of warmth of feeling and love of home, family, and friends.” – I feel I am still evolving, and learning about myself, but I agree with this… My Soul just hasn’t fully expressed it, which is why I probably am still questioning I guess?… Anyway, I could go ON about this stuff! Lol, sorry!

My other concern is…. and this has been in my head for some time, but it’s been in the background… How do I know if any type of art is what I want to pursue… if I don’t want (or do??) fame/to be known from it? I know that being the center of attention is not for me, I am very subtle with how I put myself out there artistically… I don’t put it out there like, “Look at me! I’m in the spotlight!” type of way… it’s more of a modest, personal, quiet way… if that makes any sense… For example, I have thought about starting a photography business… or putting sayings on coffee cups cuz I love coffee lol (just a thought lol) But, I imagine taking pictures of random people – families, portrait shots… and I don’t feel any excitement?? I don’t feel that drive or inspiration to connect with random people with photography? But, then again – I don’t know because I’ve never tried it? But, those thoughts go through my mind when I imagine being a busy photographer… Now, if it was people I am close to, have fun with, love – then I would most likely feel inspired to create things… I am trying to really be true to myself as far as my creativity goes… What would I truly want to do, creatively? Do I want to make a living somehow of it? But, I’m afraid to invest in a business, and then turns out, I hate it? But, would if, the more I invest my creativity in it, the more I enjoy it? But, then would if i get bored super quickly with it and want to move on to something else? Do you see what I mean?

And yes, I know what you mean by being part of an integral team – putting your unique talents to work 🙂 I am just trying to think…. What do I really enjoy? What really excites me that I can make a stable, fun, exciting, laidback career out of? I am not sure if being busy all the time would be invigorating for me, or frustrating/irritating? And I am not quite sure how to answer that question… any advice? :/

I do want to say, that after I left that event you guys held Tuesday night – I left sooo happy!! Because, I felt like part of a group that supported what I was looking for all along, and what I believed in! It felt like I was part of a “Passion group” or something?? You know?? And so, I pondered that as well.. Like, would I want to be a part of something like this, and somehow get paid doing it? But, how? lol…. So many questions! =P

I hope all of this isn’t too much to ask… I am just trying to get clear on what I should pursue… and be committed and consistent with it. I don’t want to waste anymore time or money, and because I’ve been unsure for years… I have wasted time and money :/

Oh my gosh really?! 444 is an amazing number!! Means the Angels are with you!!! =D They support you and your journey!! How cool!! I could talk about Angel numbers, dreams, Mediums, Soul evolvement alllll day!

Lol – Okay, so (deep breath!) let me refresh all of my questions…
1.) How do I know if art is something I truly want to pursue, big or small (as a side business, for example) without draining the fun/creativity/inspiration out of it?
2.) I am struggling with what really excites me/passionate about that I can make a good living doing?
3.) Could I get paid being part of a passion group (example – supporting what you guys do as work)? Lol… weird question, but had to ask… don’t know if you could get paid being part of a passion group, unless you’re leading it yourself? (I LOVED being part of something I truly had faith in/believing in/connecting with others on)
4.) What kind of Support roles would Thrivers enjoy, that don’t necessarily have to be Leadership type positions?

Talk soon!

Brianne 🙂

P.S – So sorry this is a BOOK long lol – I just like to get all of my thought out there!