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Kristen W

Hi Brianne! It totally makes sense why you feel that way about your art. It’s 100% OK to not want to put pressure on your creativity! You’re allowed to enjoy being creative and making art ONLY when and how you feel like it. Clearly putting deadlines or restrictions or any kind of pressure on it ruins the fun for you, and that’s perfectly normal.

There are countless jobs that fall under the non-leadership/management category — I would say any job where you’re not the sole person in charge of a team of people or an entire project would count. For example, in a marketing team there might be multiple team members who each have their own specialization (writing, graphics, sales, web development, etc.), and each person is supporting the team in a different way, whereas the team leader is managing the entire team/project. Does that make sense? So if you get to focus on the thing you enjoy/are good at, without worrying about being responsible for a bunch of other people or the success of the entire team/project, I would consider that a “non-management job.”

Hope that’s helpful! Oh, and I just saw 444 right before posting this. 😉