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Heyy Kristen!

Yeah, I’m still trying to figure out what is going on with my art – my sister has told me, “I think you’re passion is your art. You just look at it in a negative light”… and Kristen, I literally don’t know completely why that is? I don’t want to force my artistic talent or anything… I like singing, and other realms of art (fine art or expressive). I also despise deadlines when it comes to putting pressure on my creative side/art, that’s how I felt in high school! My teacher was like, “do it like this, oh and don’t forget it’s due on this date!” And I would suck at deadlines! Lol!

How ironic that you mentioned what Thrivers prefer because I was thinking about that last night! Like, omg am I meant to be in a leadership type position? That discourages me because I don’t know if I would like it?! And I agree with those values when it comes to honoring the Thriver in me… I just have never been put in situations or experiences, really, that express those values, so it’s hard to foresee what role (career/jobs) I will be in that honors those values…

I know I was gonna say “don’t like too much responsibility” but I was ignoring that preference because “it sounded bad” lol. But it’s time to start accepting what I truly want… not what they people think I need. Oh okay – that gives me more perspective…. what career examples would you say are non-leadership/management roles?

Omg I am OBSESSED with Angel Numbers!!! I see 222 EVERYWHERE! It stands for balance, new beginnings, and to trust that you’re on the right path :))) in fact, when I was at the event you guys held the other night, I saw 222 that night!! Confirmation from my spirit guides/Angels/loved ones from the Other Side that I am doing the right thing for myself! I love learning about different avenues of New Age spirituality! I was reading about my Photographic Aura yesterday and it’s so ironic what it said! ???? (Can’t remember right now lol plus I’m on break at work so I can’t remember what it said ???? But it was true stuff! That I can relate to as well 🙂