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Kristen W

Hi Brianne! Since you’re primarily a Thriver, I wonder if art might be what you’re most passionate about, but not necessarily what you want to do as your career (or at least not as a full-time career)? It sounds like you enjoy art for the pure fun and creative expression that it brings you. And even though you’ve thought about more traditional artistic jobs many times before, the motivation to turn your art into a career hasn’t fully been there. Like you said, you don’t usually have the desire to create art unless you’re feeling inspired, so if you HAD to do it every day in order to collect a paycheck, the Thriver part of you might start to resent your art. By not pursuing artistic jobs, you might have been subconsciously protecting your art by not putting pressure on it to fund your entire life.

Now, that doesn’t mean you won’t still be drawn to jobs or companies that are somewhat creative — that would be totally natural, since you’re such a creative person by nature! As a Thriver (with some Side Hustler mixed in), you’ll likely be happiest at a job that’s fun, low-stress, secure, and allows you to work with supportive, likeminded people … and that also allows you to do the things you’re MOST passionate about (like creating your art) outside of work whenever you feel like it with no pressure.

To answer your question … the reason we say that Thrivers tend to love being support roles is that most Thrivers don’t want a ton of responsibility in their day job (they’d rather save their energy for their outside-of-work pursuits!), which means they tend to be less comfortable in leadership or management roles. Not that they couldn’t do those jobs — it’s just that it might feel like a lot of pressure and responsibility, and they’d rather not have that much stress at work. So when we say “support roles,” we mostly just mean non-leadership/management roles. Anything that allows you to come in, do what you enjoy/are good at, and then clock out (literally and also mentally) will likely sound most appealing to you.

Hope that helps! Oh, and yes I love Angel Numbers! I see them on license plates (and other random places) all the time. They always seem to show up right when I need them. 🙂