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Hey Rachel and Kristin!!

How are you guys? 😀 I hope y’all are having a great day! Soooo… I think I have finally figured out what my Primary and Secondary Passion Profiles are… I think it boiled down to Thriver/Side Hustler… I have a wide range of interests, are excited and are curious about a lot of things, but I also value stability, security and comfort. That is a must when it comes to my career. If I don’t have that – I will go insane lol. I do want to share something, before I ask what I wanted to ask… I have been in a mental rut about one of my natural talents, which is art… I have put sooo much mental stress on “I need to have a creative career”, but that means being This or That, when really, I have no idea what the future holds for one lol, and I need to relax lol… Like, I have thought, “Oh, am I meant to be an actor?? Or a movie director??” But, I imagined that because I have always drawn when I was little, have always been bright-eyed and creative, yet pretty shy and introverted. I still think, that despite my doubts, if I really wanted to go to an art school – I would’ve done it by now. I’m still confused by my art, and whether or not I’m supposed to pursue it or not… I definitely don’t feel like drawing lol, but I like the idea of having inspiration behind my art/expressions. I still think to myself, “If I really wanted to be a photographer, I would have been half-way finished with my degree by now, and have wanted to go for it.” I would have felt soo passionate about it, I would’ve went for it! I have thought about dabbling into a few things… But, I just don’t have inspiration or desire to do anything artsy unless I “feel like it”, and even that doesn’t feel like ENOUGH.

Okay, to get to my question I wanted to ask lol… So, one of Thriver’s natural attributes and strengths is “great in Support roles”… any ideas of what that would be or look like? What kind of jobs/careers revolve around Support roles? Also – just out of curiosity (and for fun!), do any of y’all believe in Angel Numbers? 🙂