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Hi Rachel & Kristen,

First and foremost, thank you so much! I have loved this short course, my mind has been opened in a way it hasn’t before. I have taken many career / personality tests trying to find my purpose, and this has been the most helpful so far.

Now to my question – I have been able to narrow down my career choices to a small list, but I am not sure if I am capturing everything or if I have the right list. I would love your expert opinion to help guide me to a little bit more smaller list? Or confirmation that I am on the right track?

I am a Firestarter and I believe I have a secondary profile – thriver or side hustler (thriver as I like to ‘clock out’ and have fun but I also have multiple passions / need to ‘do it all’).

My top values that I matched the below careers to (in order of importance): flexibility (fluid hours, can work from anywhere), creativity (creation mostly, artistic), meaningful impact, fun, collaboration/connection.

– Photographer
– Personal trainer & dietitian/nutritionist
– Author
– Digital Designer (web designer / interior designer)
– Online high school teacher (future option… curriculum developer?)

Thank you so much for any guidance / help!