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Hi Rachel,

Thank you for the advice! That is really good advice, I had a chat with my 80 year old self 😉 and this is what she had to say:

“What? You think 28 is too old to change careers? Ha! That is crazy talk, especially when your instincts about the PR industry were right and it’s only going to get more stressful and continue to shrink. Being a travel agent was a great job in the 80s but that all changed with the internet, PR’s likely going to go that way too – and you know studying lights you up and health science will likely be less demanding and allow you to work more reasonable hours than PR – perfect for a Thriver!”

So that really helped me find clarity that I do want to change careers – as scary and exciting as that may be! The idea of buying textbooks and attending lectures again, really light me up – yes I am a bit of a Hermione/nerd! haha

I have found in my city there is one dietetics course that does a fast tracked version that is completed in 4 years rather than 5, plus my boyfriend suggested finding out if the university does summer units so I could finish units faster and I’ve realised I can likely use the electives I completed during my Arts degree and transfer them as credit. It’s still going to realistically be years, but there may be ways to lighten the study load.

Thanks again!