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Kristen W

Hi Karisa! Really great question. First, I want to take the pressure off of you to find the perfect verbs/verb phrases to search for. Your negative inner critical voice will try to convince you that you have to have the *perfect* search terms or else you’re doomed to never find a job you’ll love, but that’s not the truth. That negative voice is just freaking out because it’s afraid that you’ll be disappointed, so it doesn’t even want you to try — but your inner loving voice is the one you can trust here.

So don’t worry about finding the perfect search phrases (in fact, don’t even stress about whether or not they’re actually verbs), and instead try all kinds of different variations on the things you’d like to do. For example, you said you’d like to “organize the team in fun activities like a potluck,” so you could search for: “organize team activities,” “plan group events,” “social coordinator,” “organize social outings,” etc. Each time you change up the wording a little, you’ll likely find new things, and then you’ll start to see what phrases get you closer to jobs that actually sound exciting.

Remember, you only need a few search phrases to get started. As you find jobs that sound interesting, you can always borrow their language to add to your list of searchable phrases. So you definitely don’t need a complete list before you can get started!

Do you know that game kids play where they hide something and then help someone find it by saying “warmer” or “colder” as they’re getting closer or further away from whatever they hid? That’s kind of what you’re doing here. Your goal is to play around with different search phrases until you get warmer and warmer (as in, closer and closer to the ideal job).

Hope that helps! 🙂