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Good morning! I’m working through the PPSC section “Job Searching According to Your Values” and I am having a tough time coming up with the list of verbs for my ideal working environment. I’m a Thriver, and my top three values were balance, competence, and fun. I have a long list of the things I could be doing in my ideal environment, but I feel a block when trying to translate that into verbs. For example, I would like to do things like organize the team in fun activities like a potluck, create training materials for the team, and find new opportunities for career advancement for teammates and for myself. But I don’t know how to make that a nice little verb or verb phrase to look for. Not coincidentally, I believe, a belief is coming up for me here that I just won’t find the sort of place that allows me to have all this! I’m actually having an internal battle with my negative voice telling me it’s not possible because I can’t translate this into any verbs and my loving inner voice telling me that yes I can find this right where I am. So I’m hoping that getting some ideas for verbs can help me with this exercise and with this block too. Thanks!!