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Hi Rachel and Kristen,

I am really enjoying the short course and I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what I want out of my job.
I am a thriver, with some side hustler.
So what I mostly want in a job is to have the stability of a good paying job I enjoy, but that leaves me enough time (work 32 hours or less), flexibility and energy to keep learning, and focus on other passions outside of my job.

I am currently looking for jobs, after having gone back to school for a year to get practical skills in something I really enjoy. I will be done in May and would really like to have a job at that point.

My question is: Since I currently don’t have a job and really need the money when I’m done with school should I apply to jobs that generally appeal to me, but maybe don’t have the flexibility or time balance that I eventually want, so that I may end up working 40 hours a week in an office. Then once I am in and they can see what I can do (I am a very efficient independent worker) I can start asking for some flexibility etc. OR should I ask for my wants in an interview, with the risk of them thinking I’m too demanding or asking too much and them choosing someone else. OR should I only apply to jobs that seem like they would be a great fit.

I guess because I feel I don’t have a lot of work experience in where I want to go, I feel like I am asking for too much out of my first “real job”, and I will get to where I want to be eventually, but not necessarily right away.

Thanks in advance.