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Kristen W

Hi Jason,

I’m so happy to hear that this course was s fulfilling for you and that it resonated with you more than other courses you’ve taken in the past. That means a lot!

You said that you’re not sure where your true passion lies, but based on your Thriver / Side Hustler profile combo, I have to say that you very well might not have one true passion — you probably have LOTS of interests, some of which you could possible combine with a career and others that you will simply want to pursue as fun/interesting hobbies. I would try to take the pressure off of yourself to figure out your one passion, and instead ask yourself, “What things do I most love doing? How do I most enjoy spending my time? What makes me extremely curious and fascinated?” You’ll likely come up with multiple answers, and they’re all valid! Then ask yourself, “What kind of lifestyle do I want to lead? How would I most like to divide up my time between work, side projects, and hobbies (along with other priorities in my life, like relationships and health)?” It’s perfectly acceptable to spend time and energy on things you absolutely love, but that may never pay you anything, and it’s also perfectly OK to have a career that’s not your #1 passion (if that would kill the joy of the thing(s) that most fascinate you. The goal is to get different needs and values met in various areas of your life — your career doesn’t have to fulfill every desire and value of yours (although it should bring you at least a few), if the rest of your life balances out the difference.

I hope that gives you a slightly different perspective and opens you up to some new ideas or creative ways to combine your various interests! And if you’re really struggling to identify WHAT you’re most interested in and passionate about and you’d like additional support with that, you may want to consider joining us for our follow-up course that’s opening for enrollment later this month. It’s called the Passion Plan Virtual Experience, and it’s more focused on WHAT you’d like to be doing in your career (and life in general), versus this Short Course which was more focused on HOW you’re meant to work that aligns with your values.

Thanks again for being part of this program, and I’m happy to hear you’ve gotten so much out of it already!