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Hi Kristen & Rachel,

I just finished the PPSC and believe I relate to Thriver and Side Hustler as my Secondary passion profile. This course was very fulfilling to me, as someone who gets bored very easily and likes working in team environments i think its suits me well. Im still not too confident where my true passion lies but hope to find it after delving into the course a little more. I received my bachelors of science at a aeronautical engineering/military school with a minor in Middle Eastern studies in 2012. The only reason i went to the university was because i got a full ride there, probably just like everyone else, I had no idea what i wanted to do at the time, but did it anyways to make my parents happy.
Since graduating I have only been at very tedious desk jobs and often find myself wanting to go for walks or venture outside on my break to go explore something. I have even considered joining the military a couple of times but just cant seem to find the will to do it and worry about being stuck there for however long when I’m not even sure i would be passionate about it. I have taken so many courses and tutorials but yours seem to resonate with me so well. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated
Thank you!