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Hi Kristen,

Thank you for your reply. I hope you enjoyed your time off.

I think the best thing is to accept this is a time to not do the work I’m used to. And I can give myself permission to not work or look for work, it just bothers me because it feels like I don’t have a choice. I am not against time off, and I understand free time is a luxury. But I like to work, I actually miss going to an office and having people to talk with and projects to work on (in addition to a paycheck.) Some of my family thinks I am on vacation, but my definition of vacation does not include involuntary and unpaid.

I am trying to set a schedule for myself each day where I spend the morning doing X, and the afternoon doing Y, and calling that my “work” while we are overseas. I am trying to not feel resentful, there are some good things here and I am hopeful I will discover some new directions for my career.