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Kristen W

Hi Lisa! I love that the Thriver profile was so spot-on for you and gave you greater insight into yourself. That’s awesome! And I totally relate to the feeling that “life is my passion” — isn’t it so freeing to be able to say that??

It makes perfect sense that you’re feeling scared and uncertain about your next steps and stepping into your new identity after a recent divorce. Talk about a huge, emotionally charged life change!! Anyone would be feeling unsteady in that situation.

To answer your question … I’m thinking of 3 sections in the Workbook that would be incredibly helpful for you in finding a career that can support your passions and lifestyle outside of work:

— Visioning your ideal career (page 11)
— Job searching according to your values (page 14)
— Identifying your deal breakers (page 17)

Have you worked through those sections yet? I think they could be incredibly clarifying for you, and you may find that you don’t actually need to go back to school to get a career that matches those specifications after all.

If you HAVE worked through those sections and you’re still feeling unsure of how to start looking for a job that suits your Thriver nature, you may just need some additional support. This course is really meant to help you figure out HOW you’re meant to work (as in, the kind of working situation that suits you best). Our 2nd course, The Passion Plan Virtual Experience, is focused more on WHAT you’d like to do as a career — it’s kind of the “step 2” of this process you’ve already started. We’ll be re-opening enrollment for that course next month, so if that sounds like something you’d be interested in, we’ll be sending out announcement emails about that in the coming weeks. (You’ll get a pretty steep discount on that program, too, since you’ve already taken this first course!)

Hope that helps! 🙂