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Hello! I apologize in advance for the length of this post buuuut…. ???? I took the passion profile quiz and got Thriver. The results are dead on. I’m confident in saying they’re about 99% accurate. Nearly all the attributes, strengths, drawbacks, and challenges are true. I have a difficult time picturing myself going to work everyday for long hours doing something I do not believe in or that I may not be very good at. I believe the environment and culture of a job is important for comfort and growth. Lastly, financial stability is of great significance. I realize this more and more after previous research on my self and my current job as a server/hostess. (A job I do not care much about). I’ve done research that gave similar results as your course did. I did the “What Color is your Parachute?” Inventory which focuses on similar work related topics and took the Meyers/Briggs test a few times. I got ISFJ and ISFP back and forth. I believe I’m more of an ISFJ.

I’m trying to get more insight into who I am and what career I will be happy in. I’d love to have a balance of work and lifestyle. I don’t think a career is my passion, but life is. I want to enjoy it. A career I simply like or enjoy can help fund my lifestyle. This is a new journey for me mostly because I am newly divorced and on my own for the first time at the age of 30. I’m terrified and unsure of my new identity. I am now independent, currently at a job I do not care about, and I have a 7 year old degree I don’t remember much about and haven’t used. I’m close to paying off my school debt and the idea of going back to school is terrifying and more debt is even more so. I fear any of my interests may result in going back to school. Especially if 5 years down the road I decide I want to change careers again.

Any guidance or clarity would help: How do I figure out a career I enjoy that can pay well enough to fund my everyday needs and lifestyle? How do I move forward given my current life situation?