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Hi Kristen,

Thanks for your response. You are absolutely right, it does feel lonely and isolating. And working on my career in terms of preparing for a career change when I get home makes me feel like I’m doing something useful, and helps calm my mind about making a mid-career transition. I didn’t want an interruption in my career, but I wonder if this time is meant to give me time to take a breather, decompress, reflect, and decide on a new direction.

I really like your idea of going on cultural excursions just for company, and separating that from career work. That way I won’t feel like all I do is clean and cook and go to lunch and museums. I don’t mind cleaning and cooking because I am taking care of my family, but I do mind that being all I do. I honestly believe I have left no stone unturned in terms of finding a job or some type of activity. I have been looking for months, talking with other expats, the relocation consultants, staff at the international center in town, doing research online, and there just isn’t much unless you are fluent. To give you an example, I have been rejected by two yoga studios because they fear I would hurt myself since I don’t understand what the teacher is saying. So, I started practicing at home and found a bunch of great videos online.

I also started teaching myself Spanish from online courses. It’s been an interest for a long time and I like it and it may come in handy some day. Without the internet I would probably go stir crazy.

Lastly, I loved your post on Analysis Paralysis, which I can fall into very easily. I’m trying to focus on doing instead of endless researching.

Thanks again!