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Kristen W

Hey Amber! Excited to hear how things go as you’re building your coaching business! 🙂

In the meantime, I agree that a bridge job would be a great idea for you as you make that career transition. While I’ve seen a variety of bridge jobs work for all kinds of people (including some Fire-Thrivers), it’s tough to give recommendations on the KIND of bridge job because it’s so different for each person. Really, it gets down to either what you’re naturally good at or what you enjoy (or, ideally, both!). Since a bridge job is meant to help you regain your energy & time (while still making money) as you work toward the next thing, you want to do something that’s pretty easy for you. For example, if you’re someone who’s naturally super organized and likes coordinating things/projects, then search for jobs based on those skills. If you love writing and can do it pretty easily, then search for writing jobs. If you love kids and they bring you joy & energy, then find ways you can work with kids.

I’ve had clients find bridge jobs of all shapes and sizes — office administrative work (that gave them some downtime to work on their own projects/business while AT work), working at a local gym (which they loved, & it eliminated their monthly gym fee), nannying, remote marketing writing/editing, transcribing, etc. — and the thing that made these jobs work was that it aligned with each person’s natural skills and/or interests. So I would have you examine your natural strengths, as well as things that simply bring you joy, and search for jobs based on those things to see what’s out there. Make sure to keep an open mind & think outside of the box! Sometimes bridge jobs can are things you’d never considered doing as a career, but they actually work out really well short-term.

Hope that helps spark some ideas for you!